Wubbers Jumbo Round Mandrel Pliers
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Wubbers Jumbo Round Mandrel Pliers

A favorite design among wire workers and wire wrappers, these Wubbers Jumbo Round Mandrel Pliers measure seven inches long. These pliers are good for a number of uses including making large even coils, consistently shaped circles, and bails for wire wrapped pieces. The long, padded handles are extra comfortable and provide plenty of leverage when working with heavy-gauge wire.

The round jaws are barrel-shaped as opposed to being tapered. In addition, the jaws are two different sizes, with this adding to the versatility of these special Wubbers pliers. The larger jaw measures 21mm and the smaller 18mm in diameter. The length of each jaw is 33mm inches.

Product ID: WUBPLR-1305
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WUB Club Price: $26.96

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RUGGED: Wubbers laugh in the face of 12-gauge wire. The jaws are strong without being cumbersome. The Wubbers handles are long and feel substantial in your hand, providing leverage without feeling bulky.

VERSATILE: Wrap loops, design ear wires, make coils, shape bails, form perfect and consistent s-links, and much, much more! The possibilities for the Wubbers Designer Series of pliers are unlimited.

PRECISE: No more guessing—you can count on the barrel-shaped jaws of the Wubbers Designer Series to easily produce consistent shapes. Attain perfection; yet also retain the custom look of a unique, handmade piece of jewelry with the Designer Series.

PRACTICAL: Wubbers consistently outperform pliers that cost twice as much.

GENTLE: The amazing Wubbers handles won't leave your hands feeling 20 years older. The padded grips provide extra comfort and feel nice in your hands. The smooth-action springs help prevent fatigue while the sleek shape of the handles makes them easy to grip.

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