Everything you need to know about Silver Filled Wire!

Why should I use Silver Filled Wire? With the high costs of Sterling Silver, jewelry makers have had to be inventive with their designs. Because of its unique qualities, Silver Filled wire is an excellent alternative to Sterling Silver wire, offering the same properties and appearance at a greatly reduced cost. Anyone who can wear Sterling Silver jewelry without an allergic reaction can also wear Silver Filled wire.

What can I do with Silver Filled Wire? Since Silver Filled wire has such a thick bond of silver around its core, you can do virtually everything you would be able to do with Sterling Silver. You can solder Silver Filled wire in the same way you would solder Sterling Silver wire. You can also hammer, texture and stamp Silver Filled wire just like you would Sterling Silver. The entire Wired Up Beads staff soldered, hammered, wrapped and tumbled the Silver Filled wire to see how it compared to Sterling Silver and we were very impressed with the results.

How much silver is in your Silver Filled Wire? Our Silver Filled wire is 1/10 or 10% silver by weight (.925 or better).

How is Silver Filled wire different from silver plated wire? Silver Filled wire is far more durable than silver plated wire. Silver plated wire has a very thin layer of silver surrounding a base metal core, while Silver Filled wire is hundreds of times thicker and is mechanically bonded to a brass core.  The mechanical bonding process is far more secure than plating. Due to its thin coat of silver, silver plated wire is easier to scratch and knick and the plating tends to wear off over time. Silver Filled wire, on the other hand, is just as durable as Sterling Silver wire.

Are there any limitations with Silver Filled Wire? We do not recommend balling up the ends of Silver Filled wire due to the composition of the wire. You may be able to see a bit of the brass core on the unfinished end of a piece of Silver Filled wire. Oxidation or patina finishes will easily mask the core.


See below for examples of beautiful Silver Filled wire jewelry pieces made by the Wired Up Beads staff!



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