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Wubbers, Wubbers, Everywhere!

Thursday, November 29th, 2007


We are very excited to introduce some new Wubbers Sets.  Each and every pair of Wubbers is a great value when purchased solo, but put them all together with a special price and it just gets better!  The new wooden plier stands are a very handy addition to your work table and will keep your Wubbers organized and within easy reach.  Wubbers Tool Sets include high quality, long lasting Italian cutters.  The Wubber Sets make great gifts–for yourself or someone else. 

 Stay tuned, our Wubbers just might be expecting!  I will tell you more about this development really soon!

Thanks for stopping by and here’s wishing you happy hands and beautiful jewelry!

Can You Take Another Monday?!

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007


We are extending Cyber-Monday through Tuesday and offering another special.  How’s that for a deal?!  Everyone needs two Mondays in a week!

It may be winter, but spring cleaning of jewelry is in full swing on the WUBsite.  Today our featured special is a Sunshine Polishing Cloth.  Receive a free Sunshine Cloth on all orders over $50.00.  This offer is good Tuesday, November 27th and ends at midnight, Central Standard Time.

The Sunshine Cloth will do some serious polishing. It cleans and brightens with non-scratch micro-abrasives.  Run a tarnished chain through this cloth and it will begin to work wonders. 

Here is another use:

Brush a piece of hammered silver with a soft brass brush.  Then follow by using a nice burnisher to bring a higher shine.  Finally, wrap the edge of a Sunshine cloth around a flexible nail file (like the one shown in the Wubbers Took Kit) or a small support such as a popsicle stick and polish away.  You will be amazed at the beautiful shine that you will see when using this method.  I often teach my students how to hand polish like this in my Beginning Silversmithing class.  If you don’t have a tumbler or simply want a hand-polished piece, this will do the trick!

Here’s wishing you a lustrous, Cyberful Tuesday!

Cyber Monday Special Offer!

Monday, November 26th, 2007


Here’s your chance to have a “Rich Glo” on Cyber Monday!  Wired Up Beads wants to add to your shopping fun and satisfaction by offering this best-seller bonus.  All orders that are over $50.00 will receive this wonderful, “stylish,” jewelry-polishing glove.  If your order is over $100.00, you will receive one for each hand!  This offer is good only on Cyber Monday and will end at 12:00 midnight on November 26.  Click on either picture for more information about our Rich Glo Glove.

 Check back tomorrow for another special offer.  Here’s wishing you a gleaming, glowing Monday!