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New Wubbers Medium Flat Nose!

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Goldilocks said it best:  “And it was JUST RIGHT!”  Only we’re not talking about porridge.  All of us here in Wubberland are talking about our new Wubbers Medium Flat Nose Pliers.  We are so excited– they are available to join your Wubbers tool collection right now!

After months of waiting, we have finally received the newest member of the Wubbers Classic family.  Just like the other Classics, the Wubbers Medium Flat nose measures 6.5 inches in length.  It offers the same great comfort, leverage, control, and versatility as the original 5 Wubbers Classics.  The new Wubbers Medium Flat Nose is especially well-suited for working with jump rings and holding onto coils as you wind them.  Whenever the Narrow Nose is too “skinny” and the Wide Nose is too “hefty,” just reach for the Medium.  The width is so perfect for so many metal working tasks, that they will hold a special place in your Wubbers collection!

One last bit of Wubberly news is that, as you have requested, we will be adding Baby Bent Nose Pliers to the Baby Wubbers Series.  We should have this cute new Baby within the next 30 days.  We will let you know as soon as they are available for adoption.  You will WUB them!