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The Beauty of Beads

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

We have had some really amazing artists teach in our studio here at Wired Up Beads. One of these artists is Sam Hibler, and we are so excited to have her back in our studio again this year! Her classes have become a favorite among our students. She is an amazing artist and she does a great job at helping others develop their craft.

Recently Sam was featured in The Crafts Report, a monthly business magazine for the crafts professional. It is an honor as an artist to be featured in such a magazine, and we are so excited to be able to host an instructor who has achieved such high praise! If you haven’t checked out the class line up she is offering in our studio later this month, be sure to take a look.



Have you ever had a class with Sam or seen her work? Tell us about it!


A Silver Lining…

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

This week we finally received our full stock of silver filled wire, and we are so excited about it! Thought to be of a higher quality than plated or craft wire, we were itching to try this economical innovation.  To give you an idea of what “silver-filled” means, here is a visual:


(Silver-filled on the left, silver-plated on the right)

You can find out more about silver-filled wire by clicking this link:

Silver Filled Wire.

None of us had ever experimented with silver filled wire before, so we weren’t sure what to expect from it. We were thrilled to learn that it reacts exactly like Sterling Silver in most situations. We soldered, textured, twisted and tumbled it and it responded beautifully. You can see the resulting pieces in the collage below:

So, get out there and create pieces of your own! You can see our full selection of silver filled wire by clicking here: Silver Filled.