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Get Ready for Week Two Grab Bags!

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

After a very long week of waiting, our second offering of special Goody Bags is just about ready!    Here at WUB we’ve been busily packing up a new variety of special items just for you.

Week Two’s limited edition Goody Bags will be available for sale on our special offers page on Monday, July 2nd,  at 11:00 a.m. (Central Time).

Each bag will include 2 large exotic centerpiece pendants, an 8 1/2″ square of colorful Ultra Suede, trendy feathers, fibers and a nice variety of beads, gemstones, findings, and other beading supplies.  We are so excited to offer these treasures to you — each grab bag was assembled with care, guaranteed to delight the creative mother earth in you.

Remember, there are only 30 grab bags available each week, so order early to snag one.

Best wishes for a great week, and happy jewelry making!

Organization Tips for Your Beads & Findings

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Here’s a question for you: How do you organize your beads and findings?  We’re here to share our favorite — and simple — storage solutions with you.

Here at WUB we are big fans of this craft furniture – it’s sturdy, attractive, and space-efficient.  If you’ve been to our store and school near the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, you have seen drawer after drawer full of jewelry making supplies lining our walls.

Tucked inside most drawers are divided inserts that are essential to keeping everything organized.  We have a computerized inventory system that prints convenient little labels that we use to keep up with our supplies, like in the picture below.


A 1" drawer with an insert to hold cabochons


For those of you who don’t have a computerized inventory system (and those of you who should — you know who you are!), here is how the WUB staff keeps track of their personal supplies at home with a simple, easy method.

  1. Cut small squares from scrap card stock (the thicker paper is less likely to bend than regular paper)
  2. Record key information — a brief description, size, price per item, where to reorder it from, when you bought it, etc.
  3. Place the card with the beads or findings to always know the details about it
An advantage of using small cards, instead of stickers, is that if you rearrange your supplies, the card travels easily with the item to its new compartment.  And if you are like us — jewelry supply addicts — you are constantly having to rearrange to make room for new items that you just HAD to have!


These little tags will save your sanity!

We also love our label maker for printing labels for the outside of the drawer–it makes things look so neat and organized, and finding supplies so easy!  Both Dymo and Brother brands make reliable, inexpensive label makers which you can find at Target or Wal-Mart for around $25.

We have also given our drawers numbers, so when a drawer or two gets pulled out, we know what order to put them back in to keep like items together:

Shown is our Triple Large Cabinet - for when you have a LOT of findings to store!

If you would like to try out our favorite craft organizer without the commitment of the larger pieces — they are an investment, and well worth it — then try this cube kit.  We have a discontinued size (available here) that is incredibly functional and compatible with the other craft furniture, should you decide to order more in the future.   Available in white, these are a few inches shorter than the newer version, and holds eight 1″ drawers, instead of ten 1″ drawers.

Regularly $128.95, these discontinued cube kits (cube + eight 1″ drawers) are available for only $99.  To sweeten the deal even more, we are including three free drawer inserts with these cubes, an $11.85 value.  If you are looking for a way to organize your beads and findings, this is a great way to do it!

Tomorrow’s Grab Bags — What’s Inside!

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Hello Friends!  Hope everyone has had a great weekend.

Just a quick update to tell you more about our limited edition Goody Bags.  They will be available for sale on our website on Monday, June 25th,  at 6:00 a.m. (Central Time).

Each bag will include a fine silver pendant, beautiful clasp, a variety of beads and other beading supplies.  We are so excited to offer these treasures to you — each grab bag was assembled with coordinating colors so everything works together and will spark your creativity.

Remember, there are only 30 grab bags, so order early to snag one.

Best wishes for a great week, and happy jewelry making!

New Item: Dimple-Forming Pliers!

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

We just received a batch of the brand-new dimple-forming pliers, and we love these for adding texture to metal!  So simple to use–instead of getting out your hammer and punches, you can add perfectly round dimples with just a squeeze of the hand.

We spent some time using the pliers on our metal shapes, and here are our findings:

  • The dimples were rounder and more uniform than using a hammer and dapping tools
  • They work best on metal sheet 24-gauge or lighter
  • Working with dead-soft metal eliminates the need for annealing (all of the metal shapes we carry are dead-soft)
  • Should you work your metal so much that it becomes work-hardened, annealing the metal will soften it to make texturing easy again
  • No annealing was needed for the already-soft aluminum Lillypilly discs and sheet metal.

There are so many fun things you can do with these pliers!  They are not just for texture–you could use them to write a message in Braille, or a Zodiac constellation with dimple marks representing the stars would make a great personalized piece of jewelry.

Below are some pieces made with the dimple pliers.  We hope it sparks your imagination!



Copper Earrings made using:

  1. 24-gauge copper sheet
  2. Lindstrom Metal Shears
  3. 20-gauge copper wire
  4. Chasing hammer
  5. Large Wood Dapping Block
  6. 1 mm Hooked Jaw Dimple Pliers
  7. Euro Punch Pliers
  8. Liver of Sulphur Patina Gel
  9. Lortone Tumbler Kit

Copper Heart Bracelet made using:

  1. Copper heart shapes
  2. 1 mm Hooked Jaw Dimple Pliers
  3. 3 mm Hooked Jaw Dimple Pliers
  4. Chasing hammer
  5. Euro Punch Pliers
  6. Liver of Sulphur Patina Gel
  7. Lortone Tumbler Kit


Brass Earrings made using:

  1. 1″ Brass discs
  2. Chasing hammer
  3. Fretz Circle Texturing Hammer
  4. 3 mm Hooked Jaw Dimple Pliers
  5. Large Wood Dapping Block
  6. Euro Punch Pliers
  7. Liver of Sulphur Patina Gel
  8. Lortone Tumbler Kit