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New Goody Bags Go on Sale Monday!

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

It’s almost time for Week Six of Goody Bags!  We have created a gorgeous new collection of treasures just for you.

Week Six’s limited edition will include designer cabochon sets with coordinating gemstone beads, plus beautiful Czech glass beads and seed beads.  They will be available for sale as the first item on our special offers page on Monday, July 30th,  at 11:00 a.m. (Central Time).

Due to our limited supply of cabochons, we are only able to offer 20 grab bags this week, so order early to “grab” one.

And WATCH OUT! As a special treat, for those who loved (or missed out on) Week Five’s offering we made more just for you! They include designer watch faces, coordinating toggles, fibers, gorgeous Czech glass beads and seed beads.

Get Gorgeous Results using Our New Dapping Tools

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Last week we shared that we had received some wonderful new dapping tool sets, which are 15% off now through Thursday, July 26th.

We’ve spent some time using the new sets, and here are some examples of just what you can do with dapping tools!

Brass Square Dangles

1. 24-gauge Brass Sheet Metal

2. French Shears

3. Fretz Hammer – Raw Silk Texture

4. Large Wood Dapping Block with 5 Channels

5. Deluxe Rawhide Mallet

6. Brass Jump Rings

7. Euro Punch Pliers

8. 20-gauge Brass Wire

9. Wubbers Large Bail Making Pliers

10. Wubbers Round Nose Pliers

11. Wubbers Chain Nose Pliers

12. Liver of Sulphur

13. Ceramic Beads

Nickel Silver Earrings made using:

1. Nickel Silver Washers

2. 20-gauge Silver Filled wire

3. Chasing Hammer

4. 11-Piece Wood Dapping Set

5. Deluxe Rawhide Mallet

6. Wubbers Large Bail Making Pliers

7. Wubbers Round Nose Pliers

8. Wubbers Chain Nose Pliers


Nickel Silver Necklace Made Using:

1. Nickel Silver Washers

2. 20-gauge Silver Filled wire

3. Chasing Hammer

4. 11-Piece Wood Dapping Set

5. Deluxe Rawhide Mallet

6. Silver Enameled Jump Rings

7. Wubbers Large Bail Making Pliers

8. Wubbers Round Nose Pliers

9. Wubbers Chain Nose Pliers

10. Rolo Chain

Nickel Silver Triple Disc Earrings

1. Nickel Silver Discs

2. Fretz Hammer – Raw Silk Texture

3. 11-Piece Wood Dapping Set

4. Deluxe Rawhide Mallet

5. Jump Rings

6. Wubbers Chain Nose Pliers

7. Wubbers Bent Nose Pliers

$20 Grab Bags Go on Sale Monday

Friday, July 20th, 2012

We have been listening – next week’s Grab Bags will have a lower price than our previous offerings.  There will be more of them too!

Monday’s deal will be $20, and guaranteed to have a retail value of at least $45.  Each grab bag has been assembled by our talented staff to coordinate so you can make some beautiful items with it!


Week Five’s limited edition offering includes a designer watch face, a coordinating toggle clasp, colorful czech glass beads, seed beads and fibers, all carefully selected in fantastic color combinations.

They go on sale at 11:00 a.m. Central Time, and will be listed in the Special Offer category as the very first item.

Even though we have 50 Grab Bags instead of the usual 30, we recommend you “grab” yours early as they have been selling out within the hour.

Dapping Tips for Jewelry Makers

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Adding dapping tools to your jewelry skill set will enable you to create domed shapes, which can greatly enhance your designs.  We’ve put together some of our best tips to help you get started dapping your metal work.  You can find our wide range of dapping tools here.

1. Wood vs. Metal Dapping Sets

  • Metal gives a harder strike, and is good for working with thicker metal.
  • Metal sets tend to move the metal more and produce deeper indentations, allowing you to create higher domes such as what might be needed to create half of a round bead.
  • Wooden sets tend to preserve surface texture and details better.

2.  Larger cavities tend to have a shallow dome, smaller cavities tend to have a deeper dome.

  • Start in a larger, more shallow hole and work down so you don’t split, ruffle the edges, or crease your metal.
  • Use a punch that is slightly smaller than the cup.
  • Use a hole larger than your metal when you first start so it doesn’t get stuck in the cup and so the edges don’t ruffle.
  • It is often helpful to move the metal around in the cavity to form it into the desired shape and to keep it from getting stuck.
  • Once you have formed the metal to the bottom of the hole, move it to a smaller cup and repeat the process until you reach your desired shape.

3. When using the channel block, also called a swage, if the metal gets stuck in the wood, you can tap it gently from the side to slide it out.

4. Be aware that metal can stretch when dapping, which can be especially important to consider when the metal has a hole in it, such as a bead cap.  The hole can become bigger and/or distorted by dapping, so take care if it needs to be an exact size.  It can be difficult to use plier punches to punch a hole once a piece is domed, so drilling a hole after dapping might be the best approach to consider.

5. Do all texturing, stamping, and the cutting of your shape before dapping.  The domed shape makes it much harder to make these changes after dapping.

6.  It is best to work with dead soft metal.  If you texture the metal, it would help to soften or anneal it if the metal is 22-gauge or thicker or if a deeper dome is desired.  It is possible to lightly texture dead soft 24-gauge copper or silver, and then slightly dome without annealing it. However, the doming process is always easier with dead soft metal and hardened metal should not be used.

5.  Using the correct hammer to strike the punches is important. When using metal dapping punches, you can strike it with a brass hammer, ball peen hammer, or a chasing hammer reserved for striking tools. You would not want to use your polished chasing hammer that is used to form, flatten, or texture your metal because the steel punches will mar the face of your polished chasing hammer.

Have a tip that isn’t mentioned here?  Leave a comment below!




Get Ready for Week Four Grab Bags!

Friday, July 13th, 2012





Get ready, our fourth offering of special Goody Bags is almost here!    A new variety of special items has been selected by the WUB staff just for you.

Week Four’s limited edition offering is a stunning sparkler, guaranteed to add some bling to your designs. They will be available for sale on our special offers page on Monday, July 16th,  at 11:00 a.m. (Central Time).  This week will include lots of genuine Swarovski elements, seed beads, a variety of textiles and a special sterling silver accent piece.

Remember, there are only 30 grab bags available each week, so order early to snag one.