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The Art of Gift Giving

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

” Something handmade is so much more meaningful”

–Beth Wert–

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means that children everywhere, from little kids to adults, are shopping for their moms.

You can make her something that is beautiful and more meaningful than picking up something generic at the store. Don’t forget to check out our wide range of products, they are sure to inspire something your mom will love!

(1) Vintaj Chain $6/ft. (2) English Meadow Glass Beads, $7. (3) Sterling Headpins, $8.90/pkg. (4) Turquoise Nouveau Button, $3. (5) 12  g Aluminum Wire, $7.50. (6) Vintage Silver Watch Face, $7.50. (7) Purple Hydrangea Micro Suede, .67/yd. (8) Sterling 24 mm Ear Wire, $1.32/pair. (9) Hill Tribe Shining Heart, $4. (10) Book-Mixed Metals, $22.95. (11) Wild Flowers Fastenables, $6. (12) Made with Love Charm, $9.45. (13) Wubbers Looping Pliers, $28.95.

Don’t forget to take advantage of our free tutorials, we have some really fun designs posted and the videos and step-by-step instructions will ensure you get a professional-looking final product. You can access that part of our website by clicking on the link below, or by clicking the “Tutorials” tab on our homepage.

Wired Up Beads Free Tutorials

Do you have any gift-giving suggestions to offer up? We would love to hear them, so feel free to leave a comment or shoot us an email so we can share your tips!

Wubbers End of the Year Sale!

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

It’s sale time in Winter Wubberland.  Until December 31, you can buy Wubbers tool sets at 30% off the retail price.  In addition, for the first time ever, individual Wubbers are 20% off.  Better hurry, though.  The Winter Wubberland sale is sure to melt away as soon as the clock reaches midnight on New Year’s eve.  You don’t want to miss this chance to get the hottest new pliers on the market at the greatest prices ever!

Also, don’t forget to sign up to receive your copy of the new, fun-filled WUB Letter.  You will receive about one letter a week.  It will include jewelry making tips, business ideas, and notification of our sales and promotions.  It will also offer you the chance to pre-purchase new items.  You will find a “Sign Up” box on any of our merchandise pages.

We Interrupt This Program…

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007


to bring you some really exciting news!  We just received our copies of the fall edition of Step by Step Wire Jewelry and are so happy to see the Elegant S-Link bracelet on the cover of the magazine.  This is a bracelet that I designed about 18 months ago, and it has hardly been off my wrist because I love wearing it so much.  We have had the tutorial on our website for a few weeks now and we have received some very nice, positive feedback from some of you who have downloaded it.

Speaking of beautiful kits!  The perfect companion for making the Elegant S-Link bracelet is our Wubber’s Tool Kit.  In addition to the Narrow Flat Nose and Round Nose Wubbers, the kit includes a set of the Chain Nose Wubbers.  For more detail about the kit, you can click on the picture below.


I guess that now is the perfect time to introduce the Chain Nose Wubbers.  They are great for jobs that need a narrower tip–such as when you need to finish off a wrapped bead by pushing the end of the trimmed wire down snug.  Many people work jump rings using one pair of chain nose in combination with a pair of flat nose pliers.  Like all the Wubbers pliers, the Chain Nose Wubbers can handle a variety of sizes of wire and they feel so great in your hands.



Do You Have a Round Nose?

Friday, August 31st, 2007


If not, after you ‘ve seen this beautiful portrait, you will rush right out to get one!  But not to worry–no plastic surgeon needed.  You can have the most attractive round nose of all your friends and it won’t cause you any pain!  It’s the Wubbers Round Nose Plier.

Kind to your hands, the grips are comfortable.  And, like the Narrow Flat Nose, the handles are long, providing leverage.  (Wubbers has a whole selection of noses–did you know that you can personally own MORE than one nose?!?  They are guaranteed not to run, too!).

These pliers are great for heavy or fine gauge wire.  I use them to curve and bend 12-gauge dead soft sterling silver when working on like making sterling silver hearts (tutorial coming soon!) or the charms for a cha-cha bracelet.  I also use them to wrap beads and work the finer wires.  Even though the tip is small enough to wrap tiny loops, the jaws won’t distort or move out of alignment when working with heavy wire.



There’s a lot to WUB!

Thursday, August 30th, 2007


I am so excited about our own line of pliers named Wubbers.  The name was born from the initials of Wired Up Beads.  We all have already had a ton of fun with the new Wubbers name, designing the packaging, and planning the marketing.

While I don’t know what I would do without each and every pair of my Wubbers, I have to say that I am a bit partial to the Narrow Flat Nose set (don’t tell all the other Wubbers–it might hurt their feelings!).

The Narrow Flat Nose are especially great for working with jump rings.  I keep two pair handy at all times and can really fly when making 4-in-1 European weave chain maille–the finish keeps them from slipping and also prevents marring.

The tip of these pliers is a unique width–as Goldilocks said, they are “Just right!”  I have found them perfect for making the first bend in a wire up next to a bead in order to wrap it about 3 times (depending on the gauge of the wire).  I use them for wrapping with the finer wires, then turn right around and bend 12-gauge sterling with them.  The longer, padded handles provide leverage and help prevent fatigue.  I still have my very first pair of Narrows, and though a bit weathered, they are still well and happy on my work bench (never mind that they have literally been in the fire a few times–they still work great!).