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And the Winner Is!

Friday, August 10th, 2007


After sorting through Phyllis’ posting and the emails, the winner is Phyllis!  Phyllis, your answer came the closest to being the correct answer.  If you look at the picture on the far left, at the very bottom edge (click the picture to enlarge), you will see some of the screen impressions.  Even though it is just a small spot that left the screen impression, it is there, so Phyllis wins the prize!  If you missed the previous post, reading it help you understand what this post is all about.

The pictures above show the beautiful, vivid blue patina that results from the chemical reactions of the metal, the ammonia, and the salt.  I love the abstract, unpredictable patterns.

Picture on the far left:  This is the top side of a piece of copper that was damp and had salt sprinkled on it.

Picture in the middle:  This is the bottom side of a piece of copper that was toward the ammonia.

Picture on the right:  This is the top side of a very wet piece of copper that had salt sprinkled on it.

The pictures show the metal in it’s natural state.  I am in the process of testing different coatings to help seal the surface so that it can be used to make a piece of jewelry.  The patina can chip off if it is not coated.  I have had success coating the metal with clear nail lacquer.  It really brings out the colors.  Other things that I inend to test include paste wax, a mixture of beeswax and turpentine, and a wax named Renaissance.  I will post the results in the coming weeks.  If any of you have ideas or have tried other products, please share you ideas.  We would love to hear about them.