Don’t You Just Love Cool Tools?


 It’s like a treasure hunt!  I just love looking for really great, hard-to-find tools.  Here are three new ones that are listed in the “Cool Tools” category. 

First, make sorting easier and more efficient with this great little sorting tray.  You can pour beads or jump rings from the corner spout or the open-and-close chute at the top.  It comes with a cute little purple spatula to make it easier to move those onery little buggers around.

The second picture may look like an innocent pair of salt shakers, but don’t be fooled!  Bwahaahaa!  These are really the coolest method that I have found for storing tiny components  that are used frequently, like crimp tubes.  I don’t know about you, but my floor is like a magnet for little crimps and it swallows them like a hungry hippo!  Well, now I won’t be losing so many of them now because these spill-proof bottles are perfect for dispensing just what is needed.

Last, but not least, how about this wooden bead vise?  It is designed to securely hold a variety of shapes while you sand, ream, or dremel.  I work on a tile floor and can’t tell you how many times my bead has gone bouncing across the floor when I lost my grip on the slippery little thing.  This tool can also help protect fingers from cuts, pokes, and other injuries.

 So, while looking at these three great new tools, take care not to drool on your keyboard!  Here’s wishing you some wonderful, relaxing hours of making beautiful jewelry!

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