Resin & Bezels: Meet Your New Hobby!

Friday mornings at Wired Up Beads are a special time. We lock the doors and head to the studio for staff development playtime! We’ve tried oodles of different projects–everything from polyshrink jewelry to copper enameling. Even though we make giant messes and the occasional unexpected “experimental” piece (“It just doesn’t look like it did in my head!”), we also come away with new ideas and beautiful results. One of our favorite staff developments has been bezel setting with resin. You can see some of our pieces below.

Bezel and resin projects are great because there is such a wide range of design options. Here’s what you do.

1) Select a bezel. Check our our bezel selection here and here.

2) Choose your design. This is the fun part! You can embed pictures, small buttons, stickers, old cards, beads, or ephemera. The possibilities really are endless. For our projects we’ve cut pictures out of magazines, chopped up old stamps and piano music, and printed pictures of local sports team mascots. Just cut whatever you decided to use to fit the shape of the bezel (NOTE: Trace an outline of your bezel to create a template guide.)

3) Glaze & resin. Once you’ve cut your design to fit neatly in the bottom of the bezel, you’ll want to seal it with a thin layer of waterproof sealant or clear glaze (we like to use Diamond Glaze). Or you can skip the glaze and see what kinds of effects you get when you begin adding layers of resin. Once your glaze has dried, you’re ready to add your first layer of resin.

We’ve found it’s best to add resin layers slowly, letting each layer cure (dry) completely before adding the next. This will help you avoid air bubbles in your resin (NOTE: If you do get air bubbles, you can poke them with a needle and then add another layer of resin, which will fill in the cavity. Sometimes bubbles disappear on their own if you cure the resin long enough) Add several layers of resin until your piece has a round domed appearance around the top of the bezel.

Take a look at our glaze and resin products HERE.

4) Curing options. Resin cures naturally in the sunlight, but it can take hours! We love our handy UV Lamp because it only takes minutes to cure each layer of resin. All you have to do is slide your bezel inside and flip on the switch. You can even cure multiple pieces at a time.

Look at our UV lamp HERE.


The finished resin pieces look truly stunning and with so much potential for unique and personal touches they also make wonderful gifts.

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