We Interrupt This Program…


to bring you some really exciting news!  We just received our copies of the fall edition of Step by Step Wire Jewelry and are so happy to see the Elegant S-Link bracelet on the cover of the magazine.  This is a bracelet that I designed about 18 months ago, and it has hardly been off my wrist because I love wearing it so much.  We have had the tutorial on our website for a few weeks now and we have received some very nice, positive feedback from some of you who have downloaded it.

Speaking of beautiful kits!  The perfect companion for making the Elegant S-Link bracelet is our Wubber’s Tool Kit.  In addition to the Narrow Flat Nose and Round Nose Wubbers, the kit includes a set of the Chain Nose Wubbers.  For more detail about the kit, you can click on the picture below.


I guess that now is the perfect time to introduce the Chain Nose Wubbers.  They are great for jobs that need a narrower tip–such as when you need to finish off a wrapped bead by pushing the end of the trimmed wire down snug.  Many people work jump rings using one pair of chain nose in combination with a pair of flat nose pliers.  Like all the Wubbers pliers, the Chain Nose Wubbers can handle a variety of sizes of wire and they feel so great in your hands.



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