Wubbers Debut!


What in the world are Wubbers?!  Wubbers are a fantastic new line of tools especially for jewelry-makers.  This week, Wired Up Beads is introducing five different types of Wubbers pliers–Round Nose, Chain Nose, Narrow Flat Nose, Wide Flat Nose, and Bent Nose.

If you have been following my blog (or if you ever peeked inside my warehouse), you would know that I am a tool fanatic.  I have tried virtually every set of pliers that I have been able to get my hands on.  And finally, my hands have found their heaven!  These pliers have the most comfortable handles that are easy on your hands.  The handles are longer than most, providing leverage.  Wubbers are durable and can work heavy-gauge wire.  However, they are versatile and precise and easily handle the lighter gauges beautifully.  Their finish makes them less likely to slip when working with jump rings, yet won’t mar your metal.  No longer do I hunt through my work bench looking for the perfect pair of pliers for the task–I simply reach for my Wubbers.

You will be hearing a lot about Wubbers, but for now, I will move along to part two of our exciting news!  If you look carefully at the ad above, you will see a picture of the Elegant S-Link Bracelet.  In the same issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry, this bracelet will be featured on the cover and a tutorial will be published in the magazine, which should be on the store shelves by September11 or 12.  You can usually find the magazine at places like your local bead stores, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Joanne’s, and Michael’s.

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